Freckled with Style

Welcome to FreckleWears' world. I'm Nourhan El Saied, a business marketing and management graduate. Those who know me know how much I've always wanted to take a step towards this; the one thing I've always been passionate about. A couple of months ago, I decided to pursue my love for fashion and styling, and go after what I believe I was born to do. The result was creating my page, @_FreckleWears.

I'm dedicated to unleashing your inner fashion guru. I believe styling is a form of art and expression; and more generally, a way of living. I've always been fascinated by the idea of finding yourself and your persona through clothes. In a world where everyone struggles to fit in, I decided to be different, bold and creative by using simple items and creating not-so-simple looks. If you want my ultimate piece of advice, always 'wear' your confidence and let it help you rise like a phoenix. I'm excited to share my passion and love for styling with you through Experience Frecklewears. My ultimate goal is for us to search for and create something beautiful. Let's style your life together.


With love,